Conceptually APL - Local Productive Arrangement, is characterized as a significant number of enterprises and individuals who work around a dominant productive activity, that share perceived forms of cooperation and a governance mechanism, and may include small, medium and large companies, according to the text of the Ministry of Development. -

The PARQUE TECNOLOGICO DE SÃO JOSÉ DOS CAMPOS is a corporate body recognized by the Ministry of Development, the Development Secretariat of the State of São Paulo and of the county of São José dos Campos, as manager of APL Programs, besides several others in its context as:

- Aerospace and defense LPA
- APEX - Brazilian Agency for Export and Investment Promotion Covenant
- ABDI - Brazilian Agency of Industrial Development Covenant
- Softex
- CDM - Design and Manufacturing, Development and Qualification of Suppliers Center
- Business Incubator
- Business Fostering Office
- Resource Capitation
- among others.

In order to the LPA of Information and Communication Technology be concretized in Cone Leste Paulista region, and receive financial or institutional support from fostering agencies, such as: Secretary of State of São Paulo, FINEP, SOFTEX, BNDES, PMSJC, SEBRAE -SP, Private Banks among many others; companies need to formalize their participation and commitment to the program.

This commitment is linked to the participation and the response time to the qualitative and quantitative questions that the program needs, that are the basis for generating statistical information results (financial or not), giving subsidy to continue or not to continue the program for the sector.

This document aims to promote the formalization of your company with this policy by providing an environment of cooperation, interaction, allowing access to the benefits that these partnerships bring.

We are counting on your quick response, (as) entreprenuers, (as) in the signature and dispatch of this term to PARQUE TECNOLOGICO DE SÃO JOSÉ DOS CAMPOS via Fax: (12) 3876-7722 or by email, so we can formalize the effective participation of your company in this program.

Marcelo Nunes da Silva
Coordenador do Programa APL TIC

Associated register



For your legal representatives, adhere to Information Technology and Communication Cluster Program of São José dos Campos managed by the entity PARQUE TECNOLOGICO DE SÃO JOSÉ DOS CAMPOS and its partners and declares its commitment with the program through:

- Rendering of quantitative and qualitative informations Prestação de informações quantitativas e qualitativas needed to the indicators of the program maintenance;
- Participation in at least 70% of the monthly meetings;
- Meet the program and its promotion and business qualification actions;
- Participate in the diagnosis of Business Maturity for the company insertion in the programs through the companies criterion.

Accesion to the program belongs only through the association to the PARQUE TECNOLOGICO DE SÃO JOSÉ DOS CAMPOS, in accordance with this, I declare to be aware that while signing this document, I'm automatically taking on the company before mentioned is joining the PARQUE TECNOLOGICO DE SÃO JOSÉ DOS CAMPOS, therefore it assumes the rights and liabilities as associated, contained in the statute of PARQUE TECNOLOGICO DE SÃO JOSÉ DOS CAMPOS available at

I'm aware that for association to PARQUE TECNOLOGICO DE SÃO JOSÉ DOS CAMPOS I'll have to pay a tax that can be monthly, weekly or annual, according to my annual billing and the table hereafter:

What is your billing?

How do you want to pay the association tax?

Main representative in the program APL TIC VALE

Surrogate representative in the program APL TIC VALE

Representative at PARQUE TECNOLOGICO DE SAO JOSE DOS CAMPOS for financial subjects

São José dos Campos, April 24, 2019

P.S.: The association amount will be collected via billet which must be sent by email.
Your association will only perform after the billet quittance.