History and Organization

The Information Technology and Communication Cluster (ICT) in São José dos Campos was designed from a set of actions that allowed to involve and bring together companies in this segment. This set of actions was developed by São José dos Campos Technological Park and promoted by the Municipality of São José dos Campos.

To evaluate the current scenario, many companies providing ICT products and services were invited to participate the Workshop on Participatory Planning (OPP) held in two sessions: the first on May 13, 2011 and the second on October 7, 2011, to obtain a diagnosis of potential for marketing, technological and governmental difficulties related to sedimentation and improvement of the participating companies.

During the OPP's sessions, the performed activities allowed the participating companies identify the overall goals, current issues, specific objectives to eliminate threats and several macros-proposed actions to overcome these threats.

The monitoring of macro-actions is done through monthly meetings, where advancements are presented and the strategy for continuous structuring of ICT APL defined and revised.

To address some points considered strategic, APL and ICT committees were formed aimed at monitoring and evaluating important issues for its strengthening, with the following responsible:

- Dualsys Representação e Comércio de Informática Ltda;
- Assessoria a Consultoria Simionato & Cia Ltda (Reinvent).

- Epsoft Sistemas Ltda;
- Opentech Sistemas Eletrônicos Ltda ME.

- Cruz & Ferreira – Edição de Textos Ltda – ME;
- DM4 Brasil Digital Marketing Ltda.

- Designa Soluções em TI Ltda ME;
- Westbr Tecnologia em Negócios e Sistemas Ltda (Uptiva IT).

Thus, in November 2011, was structured the ICT APL, called ICT Cluster São José dos Campos Valley and region, which focuses on:

1. Understanding of how to generate perceived value to the customer;
2. Implementation of best practices in administrative management and people to sustain growth;
3. Provide an enabling environment for technology development and continuous process, aligning with market practices;
4. Provide a continuous training for management of products and services recognized as world-class solutions;
5. Develop the competitive capacity of the service provider and IT products, like focus on quality, competitiveness of products and services being delivered to customers.

The activities for the development and strengthening of the ICT Cluster Valley use the infrastructure of São José dos Campos Technology Park, which provides professional synergy, gains in scale, shared equipment and business opportunities through partnership with companies, research institutes and educational institutions and training structure present in the Park.

The Governance of ICT Cluster Vale has the following entities:

- Industrial and Commercial Association of São José dos Campos;
- Center of Industries of the State of São Paulo - CIESP;
- ERICSSON Telecommunications Inc.;
- University ETEP;
- Technological Institute of Aeronautics - ITA;
- Sao Paulo State Technological Colleges – FATEC-SP;
- Sao Jose dos Campos Technology Park;
- City Hall of Sao Jose dos Campos;
- Support Service for Micro and Small Enterprises of the State of Sao Paulo – SEBRAE-SP;
- Federal University of Sao Paulo – UNIFESP;

Nowadays, Mr. Marcelo Nunes da Silva is the Cluster TICVALE coordinator.